YOLO Journal Yolo Journal vol 2

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The second issue of the most amazing new seasonal travel magazine. It's named after founder Yolanda Edwards, who has spent her career at the top of mastheads as a travel and lifestyle editor, most recently at Conde Nast Traveler. She shares her longtime nickname, serendipitously, with the millennial-era acronym: You Only Live Once. Fitting for a travel publication! It's a collection of stories and pictures from well-traveled people with a great eye and interesting perspective. In a time when we're all on the verge of overexposure via Instagram feed, it is a refreshing take — in print! — from a trusted source. And don't toss it after a month like a normal magazine... this one's worthy enough to keep on the bookshelf. Collect them all. This issue includes a Niemeyer pilgrimage through Brazil, a culinary celebration of Washington State's Orcas Island, a delightful collection of vintage airline posters, and a column by Ann on packing for cold-weather travel.

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