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MEX Handmade POM POM rugs

These POM POM beauties are hand woven by women in small batches high in the mountain region of Chiapas Mexico. Natural wool. Cotton yarn. I prefer bedside but with a twist can be worn as a shawl over a cute denim jacket. Approx : 51 x 24in


Pero Scarf

The everyday wear with everything fresh happy spring / summer wrap.


Pero soft wool Mix Scarf

Wrap me up and take me home baby! So easy to wear and timeless. A textile melange. Not itchy for the sensitive skin :) people like me... #amazing #piece


Khadi and Co Embroidered Pillow Cover

Cotton and Jute (16 in X 24 in)


Khadi and Co Embroidered Coverlet Vine

Cotton and Jute (49 in X 89 in)


Teixidors Tucana Blanket

Silk and Linen (70 in X 94 in)