Min: $0 Max: $1500

Pero soft wool Mix Scarf

Wrap me up and take me home baby! So easy to wear and timeless. A textile melange. Not itchy for the sensitive skin :) people like me... #amazing #piece


Pero Stripe Shirt

Wear as a shirt or a little jacket to cover your bear shoulders while touring the gorgeous churches or synagogues of Europe.


Pero V Neck Dress

This little dreamboat is the end all of everything... Seasonless. Timeless. Ageless. Sizeless. Lord have mercy it's got it all. I hope to see it in my closet someday..... soon.


Pero s/s Top

A sweet top with two pockets. Seasonless. Layering piece. East fit.


Pero Stripe Drop Pant

Hello cutie stripe drop cotton crotch pant... And Lil' Kim rocking them to the fullest! Yes, the floral shirt is Pero too! Like whip cream and a cherry :)

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