Min: $0 Max: $1500

Kapital Rip Stop Dress

This ultra chic piece is made from Rip-stop Durable woven fabric. Amelia Earhart only wished she has this piece in her closet to wear on her adventures. A cool Khaki can take you Uptown NYC or Kuala Lumpur. The choice is yours... O/S fits mosts.


Kapital Foil pouch

A chic spin on the zip pouch. Handmade in Japan by our resident favorite Kapital. I still have a winter coat I bought 18yrs ago when the owner of Kapital was designing for 45rpm. Quality. Classic with a chic twist. Can't beat it baby! Measurements : 7 wid


Kapital Mini Foil Bag

This little foil cutie is the baby sister to the Big Tote - Measures 6.5" x 13.5" wide x 3.75" drop I do have say customers have bought both sizes. Why not? Right?


Kapital Japan Foil bag

A foil tote - handmade in Japan. Back by popular demand! When something works why not keep it?! Chanel does so why can't the amazing cult collection Kapital. Large Version - 19" wide x 10.5" Height x 8" drop

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