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MEX Handmade pearl earrings

Hand crafted in Oaxaca Mexico... gorgeous. Special. One of a kind. 14K plated / sterling silver. Pearl. Sturdy yet feminine... A beautiful addition... Wear with LOVE & Kindness.


WS Agate & Sterling Necklace

Agate a grounding stone known for many things but my favorite is a spiritual protection... a stabilizing physical energy. This specific one was found in the Yucatan a land know for my mystical forces that can bring one to your center self. Wear me. Love


A'detacher Poppy earrings

Enamel flower earrings with 14K plated backsides. Approx 1" in diameter. Wearing flowers is always a lovely idea... especially made by A'Detacher.


A'Detacher Safety Pin Earrings

SO GOOD! Gold Plated. Silver Plated. Take me disco dancing all night long... Even fab for the walk of shame home :) xoxo


Ishi Tria mini Oval

Gorgeous and festive. Nice size pearl at 11MM. Enjoy this baby!


Ishi Bolsita Necklace

Sometimes you have to keep your secrets safe... What better place to do, close to your person. It's okay everybody has a secret or two. True.


ISHI Bracelet Daria 3 Silver with 11mm Pearl

Woven Leather, Sterling Silver, Pearl

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