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MEX Handmade pearl earrings

Hand crafted in Oaxaca Mexico... gorgeous. Special. One of a kind. 14K plated / sterling silver. Pearl. Sturdy yet feminine... A beautiful addition... Wear with LOVE & Kindness.


Kapital Foil pouch

A chic spin on the zip pouch. Handmade in Japan by our resident favorite Kapital. I still have a winter coat I bought 18yrs ago when the owner of Kapital was designing for 45rpm. Quality. Classic with a chic twist. Can't beat it baby! Measurements : 7 wid


Kapital Mini Foil Bag

This little foil cutie is the baby sister to the Big Tote - Measures 6.5" x 13.5" wide x 3.75" drop I do have say customers have bought both sizes. Why not? Right?


Kapital Japan Foil bag

A foil tote - handmade in Japan. Back by popular demand! When something works why not keep it?! Chanel does so why can't the amazing cult collection Kapital. Large Version - 19" wide x 10.5" Height x 8" drop


WS Agate & Sterling Necklace

Agate a grounding stone known for many things but my favorite is a spiritual protection... a stabilizing physical energy. This specific one was found in the Yucatan a land know for my mystical forces that can bring one to your center self. Wear me. Love


A'detacher Poppy earrings

Enamel flower earrings with 14K plated backsides. Approx 1" in diameter. Wearing flowers is always a lovely idea... especially made by A'Detacher.


YMC Belt bag

Travel with me everywhere.... the pouches are all removable but why would you want to?! Can be worn in belt loops or not. I prefer around the waist a bit slouch. Nappa soft leather = better with age. Generous size so fits most...


A'Detacher Safety Pin Earrings

SO GOOD! Gold Plated. Silver Plated. Take me disco dancing all night long... Even fab for the walk of shame home :) xoxo


Pero Scarf

The everyday wear with everything fresh happy spring / summer wrap.


JF Studd hook Belt

Waist perfect. With a dress or knit.... get creative. Or could be a fab XL key ring? Just an idea.....



Such a good city bag! Brown is shown but we do have a delicious red leather as well.... We can def send images if needed :)


JF Rimini Bag

This cutie screams take me out and lets have fun! No matter what color you choose.

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